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What is IGTV, and will it become the YouTube of Mobile

If you've always wanted a longer-than-one-minute video experience on Instagram, there's good news for you. In an event in San Fransisco today, Instagram unveiled its plans to allow its one billion users upload videos up to the length of one hour. Recall that at a time, users could only upload up to 15 seconds of videos which was later increased to one minute.


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Facebook Is Removing It's "Trending" Section

Facebook Is Removing It's "Trending" Section

The removal of Facebooks "Trending" section comes after a series of major changes to Facebook since the GDPR meltdown, including the removal of third-party apps and products that include "Trends API" to enhance user experience.

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How To Get More Traffic On Social Media [June 2018]

How To Get More Traffic On Social Media [June 2018]

Everyone makes using social media to drive traffic sound so easy. All you have to do is post a few times on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, and the traffic will start pouring in.

The reality, like with anything else is that you need to spend enough time learning how to do it properly.

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