A Facebook fan page is currently the best promotional tool for a business after a Website. Fan pages usually rank high in search engines like Google or Bing. However, considering the hundreds of thousands of fan pages that already exist, it is becoming increasingly difficult for companies to be noticed. So, how do some of them enjoy so much success on Facebook (and elsewhere)? Because they have harnessed the power of landing pages. This article will give you advice on how to create a landing page that will differentiate your fan page from the crowd.

Study the Pros

As always, research is the first and most important step. Studying how others do it is the best way to see what works or not and helps stay abreast of competition. So, start with the biggest brands on the market. Let us study Coca-Cola, Red Bull and Starbucks, for example. What makes the landing pages of their Facebook fan pages efficient and attractive?

Creators of the Coca-Cola landing page use an array of very appealing tools: videos, fan photos, colors and shapes. The content targets visual people, who make up most of the English-speaking population. The page works as a hub: visitors can access a lot of content outside Facebook, including the official Coca-Cola Website, the Live Positively Website, and find the brand on Twitter, Myspace, YouTube and Flickr. Overall, this is a smart landing page that focuses on customers before anything else. It makes you want to click on "like" even if do not enjoy drinking Coke.


Starbucks' landing page is very different but still efficient. The creators rely more on calls to action ("see" - "join" - "send") with pictures of smiling people obviously enjoying their Latte. Like Coca-Cola, Starbucks is a very successful company. Why do they stay on top? Because they are committed to engaging fans and making them feel as though they are part of a big family.

As far as Red Bull is concerned, the landing page is not only a call to "like" the page. The visual content (blue, red and yellow arrows) redirects the eyes towards the tabs at the top of the page. Simple is often what works best!

Know Your Niche

Companies like the three mentioned above continue to thrive after many years because they have done a lot of research and know who their customers are. Being aware of your niche is extremely important. So ask yourself the following questions: What is the average age of my visitors? Are they mainly women or men? Where do they come from? If you can answer these questions, you should be on your way to create a landing page that targets the right customers.

Use Static FBML

Now, one question remains: How do you create a landing page for your Facebook fan page? You need to install a specific application: Static FBML (Facebook Markup Language) does not cost a cent and gives you the freedom you need. You can create a very appealing landing page within a few minutes by incorporating links, videos, pictures, and many other things. However, you must have a basic knowledge of HTML.

Here are some great articles that will help you get started:

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Keep it SUV

When you work on your landing page, always remember to keep it SUV: Simple, Unique and Visitor-friendly. Your goal is to grab people's attention right away; you want them to click the "like" button. So, make sure that your landing page is a good reflection of who you are and what your company stands for.

Now, you know what to do. Good luck!

March 02, 2020 — Black Current

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