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When potential customers are conformed with quality content, images and text, there is a higher likelihood of them spending time on your profile, which is ultimately better than no impression at all.


Success in this case is subjective and rational to each business, for example, an online store selling clothes will be slightly better off using Instagram to show off their collections, unlike an accountant who is less inclined to show their non-visual content on there.


With that being said, there is a reason why even diverse companies like Apple, Google, Nike and even Instagram have Instagram profiles, and that's because Instagram is one of the largest and most active social media apps to date, not to mention that they're owned by Facebook, the biggest hoarder of data in the world.



There are several reasons why you could be losing some page exposure this year, and some of these reasons lie within the ever changing algorithms made by Instagram to promote pages by relevancy.


Back in 2017, creating semi-engaging posts with some hashtags used to be all you needed for exposure, however recent changes have removed the need for using hashtags almost altogether, completely changing the outcomes of profiles that were heavily invested in the spamming of hashtags.


In 2018, growing your Instagram Profile, getting more engagements and exposure works very differently, and here’s a few steps you could follow that may help a bit:


1. Post regularly!

The old trick was to make a few posts per week, add a bunch of hashtags and text and post, however with the new algorithms, you want to increase your frequency to let instagram know that you are a profile that actively engages with users.

Working with many social media celebrities and businesses over the past few months, there is a noticeable difference between those posting several times a day and those posting few times per week.

Those posting several times daily are getting exponentially more exposure than those posting just a few times per week solely based on Engagements.

This is not to say that you MUST post anything and everything daily, be reasonable, be contextual, if your business is one of those that doesn't need daily posts, there are many other ways to be engaging, just continue reading.


2. Use Stories and Highlights!

Since the most recent updates, Instagram LOVES (and prefers *wink wink*) users who create long, retentive, engaging stories. Plan to catch at least 5–10 minutes of Story Content every day, go Live once every now and then, and SAVE your stories as highlights.


3. Speak to your audience like they're human!

Remember to add links and full contextual data/speech in your posts and stories, and don't be one of those "tag your friends <insert ugly android heart eyes emoji> people", instead, add something contextually relevant, get your followers to say something nice, or post something that they actually want to tag their friends in, without you having to usher them to do it.

Instagrams algorithms pick up text and relevant data much the same way Google’s search engine does.


4. Comment on similar posts!

One thing Instagram users surely do is communicate either with their friends or total strangers on posts, and don’t be afraid to do that too!

This concept is so simple, just go to the explore page, find some relevant content, and leave some RELEVANT (NOT GENERIC), contextual comments.

For example, if you sell clothes, you can go on a competitor/relevant profile, and start leaving compliments on their style, like their photos, and follow them.


5. Like similar posts and content!

Instagrams algorithm shows relevant and contextual content, so if you follow and like a lot of profiles in your same niche, as well as create informative posts within the same visual and textual context, your photos will start showing up as recommendations for people who don’t already follow you, but follow and engage with a similar page.


6. Join an engagement group(s).

There are dozens of Facebook and Instagram groups dedicated to engaging within the same niche.

For example, search “instagram travel engagement group” and join one.

Those are basically large networks of travel-centric instagram profiles who will engage with your content, giving it authority, and allowing your content to start showing up in the explore pages.


7. Get more social proof.

Even though having more likes and views does not put you on the trending posts for the day, buying instagram likes, followers and comments is a great way to boost awareness and exposure through the simple use of social proof (or informational social influence).

Simply put, the more likes, views, and comments you have, the more inclined people are to either engage with, or spend more time on your profile.


8. Add relative hashtags in your profile!

Pretty self explanatory however some people still don’t know about this recent Instagram update that allows profiles to add hashtags in the description.

This helps users find you, for example, a user searching for “#clothes”, will see your profile in the “profile suggestions” for that hashtag.


If you have questions that need answering don't be afraid to drop a comment or chat!

Have a great rest of your week!

June 15, 2018 — Black Current

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