Twitter offers users the ability to create the best marketing campaigns using the simple idea of letting users update their status in less than one hundred and forty characters. This unique social media website has become one of the most popular sites along with the likes of Facebook and Youtube. The general idea is for users to update their status to whatever they feel like, weather that is news, gossip, sports scores or even advertisements.

A twitter account may not appeal to everybody, but to the people and companies that have utilized the idea of tweeting, there is no doubt they have in some way or another utilized another aspect of simple, free marketing tactics to benefit their own company or cause.

Most people are on Twitter to communicate with friends, keeping up with one another, as well as celebrity gossip, and then you will find users who use the site simply to benefit from marketing and advertising.


Twitter can be an effective marketing tool for you and your business that can help you spread your message to the masses. Consider that someone like Ashton Kutcher who has millions of followers; that gives him the ability to say whatever he wants to say and all his followers will read what he says. Ashton has the capability to post advertisements for companies that will pay him thousands of dollars simply to have his followers read or click on or better yet take the necessary action advised.

Of course not everyone using Twitter is a celebrity with millions of followers like Ashton. However, the trick is to follow as many people that have the same interests as you or are following similar companies and groups as yourself, and slowly but surely your followers will follow suit and begin following you. It is a tricky and slow process, but with time and effort, the results will be visible.

Once you have a decent following, you can start utilizing a number of marketing methods including affiliate marketing. Affiliate Marketing involves you signing up with a number of companies as an affiliate for their particular products or services, and then you suggesting them to your twitter followers. You can do this by simply giving them a link, that will direct the person to your affiliate’s product or services, and if they were to make a purchase, you would get a percentage of the money.

There are a number ideas and ways to utilize and profit off Twitter, simply realize the ability of how much can be made and how large the target audience you can gather is. The possibilities are endless. Making money on twitter all depends on your drive and the dedication you put into your Twitter account and how often you are willing to spend gathering followers and following others. Just like everything else, time and effort is key to making a success on Twitter.

March 02, 2020 — Black Current



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