Cryptocurrency is a great way to send and receive payments digitally, due to it's growing popularity we've decided to show you a few simple ways to buy Bitcoins.

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1. CashApp

CashApp is a simple and secure way to send money between friends and businesses, just like PayPal.

CashApp recently added the ability to buy Bitcoins instantly using your balance, you can sign up for a free Cash App account here.

Once you've created an account, you connect your bank account or debit card and add 'CASH' to then exchange for Bitcoins in minutes.



After adding Cash, you can then exchange them for Bitcoin within minutes.

Once you purchase Bitcoins, you can then check out using CoinPayments on our website



You can also buy Bitcoins instantly using CoinBase, sign up to an account and follow the same steps above.


July 17, 2019 — Black Current

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