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Do you put effort into sourcing great content, plan out your posts, publish on a consistent basis, but find yourself gaining the same, if not less post engagements?

Well, you're not alone. I was surprised to find that "how to get more Instagram likes" was showing up before "how to get more energy" on Google, so can you imagine how many others find themselves in this situation?

You might be a victim of Instagram's algorithm led feed, but with some minor adjustments, you could be seeing improvements in your engagements within days of adapting to this new update.

In the most basic sense, Instagram's old method of promoting your posts mostly relied on your engagements, the more likes, comments and views on a post, the higher the probability of it showing in Top Feeds, Trending, Suggested, and so on.

However, the new method of promoting posts determines what the end user wants to see, based on several factors, including their search history, their behaviors, likes, who they follow, and so on.

So in a sense, Instagram's new algorithm tries to learn what the audience wants to see, and then displays it to them. 

Don't panic, it's probably in your favor, the algorithm categorizes your profile by niche and directs them to the right audience, improving your organic reach could be as easy as letting the algorithm know what you do. 

With a few adjustments to your posting habits, you could be seeing improvements in your engagements in the months to come.

It might seem pretty straight forward - but keeping a consistently well curated profile is going to be your main way of gaining and retaining attention. You want to make a great impression on your followers, they've already most likely followed you because they find your content interesting, so keep them coming for what they signed up for.

What can you do?

Keep it uniform, the user experience is more visual than anything. Avoid posting low quality photos, if you create content for example, use modern fonts, and avoid making spelling and grammatical errors, use websites like UnSplash and Burst for high quality photos if you can't find any.

Don't post anything you feel can still be improved upon, if you feel like your post is mediocre, you're probably right, so hold off posting it for a little bit, take a break, think it out, edit it until you feel like you've done all that you can to make your post as engaging as possible.

Lastly, I won't sugarcoat this, but you are literally one in several thousand, if not tens or hundreds of thousands competing for an audience, if your content isn't engaging enough, be humble, accept that you can improve, and work on it. People will just as easily find others to follow if they get bored with your content, however, if they see gradual improvements in your profile, they may give you a shot. 


June 15, 2018 — Black Current

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