As one of the more popular forms of social media on the internet today, Twitter can be very helpful and beneficial to driving traffic to a company website or blog. Since this is a free service to all account hodlers, Twitter is without a doubt the best way to advertise a product or service without worrying about cost or budgeting. Following a few simple tips and tricks can help drive internet traffic to virtually any website on the internet.

Following the Right Users on Twitter

While most people on social networks like Twitter use the serve for personal enjoyment, business owners or professional bloggers can find other individuals on the site who can help drive traffic to a particular target website. For example, if a new blogger has chosen to write on a particular sport, that writer would benefit greatly from "following" other sportswriters or bloggers on Twitter. Once he or she builds a large number of Twitter-followers, posting a link (otherwise known as "tweeting") to a particular article via the status update client can be a free, effective way to share content free-of-chage. In this instance, people who are following the blogger's Twitter profile will see the link and potentially copy, or "re-tweet", the post to other followers. This viral information sharing is key in making Twitter an effective tool for any company website.

Using Hashtags to Reach New Followers

One method of spreading the word on Twitter regarding a particular product or serve is to focus on trending topics on the networking site. For example, the Twitter website constantly updates users as to what topics are being tweeted on the most, or "trending" right now. Most of the time these topics are preceeded by a hashtag, or the "#" symbol. Once a user sends a tweet using the hashtag, any other user on Twitter that searches for that phrase or word will see the original tweet. In other words, if a blogger sends a tweet that includes "#golf", then any search of the word "golf" on Twitter will populate that original tweet. This feature can be very effective in reaching out to new followers in a very short amount of time.


Retweeting with Hot Buttons

Many articles found on the internet now feature a social media hub that allows the reader to share the article with others on the internet. For example, visiting any article will allow the reader access to social media "hot buttons". If a new business owner specializing in a new widget is looking to appeal to Twitter users and potential customers, the owner would benefit from sharing, or "retweeting", articles focusing on his or her widget genre. In other words, if a pharmaceutical company is producing a new pain reliever, then he or she may wish to retweet articles focusing on headaches or joint pain in order to appeal to the appropriate consumer.

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