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If you've always wanted a longer-than-one-minute video experience on Instagram, there's good news for you. In an event in San Fransisco today, Instagram unveiled its plans to allow its one billion users upload videos up to the length of one hour. Recall that at a time, users could only upload up to 15 seconds of videos which was later increased to one minute.


These longer-timed videos will be accessible on a platform called IGTV. Video creators and the general public can get access to this feature using a home-screen button on Instagram and a standalone app. With IGTV, trending videos from celebrities will also be spotlighted. With these features, just think of IGTV as indeed Instagram TV.



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IGTV allows everyone to be a video creator. With this democratized feature, popular brands and celebrities cannot monopolize the vast potential of the hour-long video experience on Instagram.


  • It allows users to upload vertical videos either through Instagram's app or the web with the exception of smaller and new accounts. However, this option overtime will be available to everyone.  
  • IGTV also allows users to swipe through multiple longer-form videos; to access recommended videos through browse tabs; to access popular videos and the creators they follow. IGTV will also notify users of new contents. 
  • Users will be able to create Instagram Channels on IGTV people can subscribe to which will house different videos. It also allows them to include links for the description of these videos which can be copied and pasted for increased traffic and views.  
  • Given the one billion number of Instagram users there currently is, IGTV is expected not only to be very popular with creators trying to earn money, but also with those trying to increase their audience.
  • Like YouTube, it is expected Instagram will include a monetization option for IGTV creators with the potential of increased ad revenue and shares. According to eMarketer, Instagram is expected to earn $5.48 billion in the US alone. 


With IGTV, Instagram is set to give YouTube a run for their money and creators a better platform to increase views and revenue.


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June 24, 2018 — Black Current

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