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How we grew an account to 38,591 in a few months

Our Instagram Automation website is on FIRE 🔥

We only released a month ago, we've been gathering data on all 514 new users and the results are AMAZING 😱 


⚡️Average Growth Increase: 16.03%

⚡️Average Engagement Increase: 21.94%


We ran a little experiment of our own, growing our own account from 1 to 38,591 in a few months.



A summary of the case study is below!

We set up a completely new account in the Web Design niche and began reposting content from the top 5 accounts we sourced in that niche using Socializer.

We then set up our Boost Automation to target users in the #webdesign hashtag, and also targeted users that follow the accounts we were reposting from. We also set the follow/unfollow feature to also "like and comment the latest 3 posts", which we believe really helped.

We commented things like 'nice designs {{username}}' and other simple compliments and emojis. We tested these and still test them to this day, there's no right or wrong answer, just update it as you go.


Secondly, we purchased some shoutouts from some accounts that had between 10-30k followers, they had an average engagement rate of 10% (we used Social Analyzer to determine this) contacting them directly and offering $5-10 per shout.. and it worked!


Within a week, the account had 5,104 followers, the cost was around $125 for the shoutouts and promotions and $9.99 for automation.

Within the following weeks, we increased our repost activity and the account grew pretty rapidly.

Things got interesting at 10k followers..

People began to accept a shout for shout situation, where we both benefited from the shouts, essentially merging audiences.

The account had 38,591 followers and continues to grow steadily, with a 12.58% engagement rate, we sold it for $480.


You can try all these features in the websites below:

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