What I get when I buy Instagram Auto Comments?

We direct real and organic users to place automatic Instagram comments on every new post you make, using network marketing and other advertising methods.

✓ Random Positive Instagram Comments
✓ Random Emoji Comments
  • Takes up to 12 hours to deliver after posting
  • Account must be public throughout the duration

Why buy Instagram auto comments?

Automating Instagram Comments are one of the most powerful ways to build social proof on your profile. Having comments delivered automatically can give the idea that an audience is actually engaged with your brand, and this can encourage real and organic users to chime in on your post, leading to more visibility.

Having more comments is a great scroll stopper, it shows that people are interested in your brand, this is known as social proof. Social proof is a powerful tool used by marketers to encourage engagement on social media posts. 

This will also increase overall engagement with your account by making users want to see more from you. Overall, the comment system can really give Instagram a boost, so we recommend automating some comments if you can. In your profile settings, under the Automatically run Comments section, enable the feature.

If you are running Instagram from a mobile device, it's recommended you turn comments off when your mobile friend suggestions come up so that your mobile followers don't see comments from your mobile friends. For mobile or tablet users, be sure to turn on the 'Automatically browse thumbnails' option.

With this option, Instagram will search your Instagram account and push only your selected friends' profiles to the top of the list, so you don't have to go back and remember to enable comments on every single profile you follow. Alternatively, you can choose to search through your entire account, or just thumbnails if you're on a limited device. It's really up to you.

Finally, having comments with certain keywords related to your business can help users find you organically, the more contextual keywords in your comments, the more likely visitors will find you on the home, explore, and location page.

Positives of having Automatic Instagram Comments?

Getting an automatic Instagram comments subscription saves you time buying comments each time you post, giving you more time to work on what you do best, auto Instagram comments can be as cheap as just $1 per post, cheaper than buying comments each time!

You will not be automatically charged once the package is complete.

Can I track my growth?

To track your growth, use SocialStats.io, our very own growth tracking and social media statistics app built just for you - it's absolutely free!

On SocialStats.io, you can track anything - your stats, your popularity, your relationships. By the time you're done, you can see exactly how far you've come, and what you need to work on to improve. The data is kept completely anonymous and completely secure, and only you can view it. The last thing we want is for our apps to be targets for cyberstalking and harassment!

Social Stats - https://socialstats.io

Who benefits from Instagram Auto Comments?

A wide variety of businesses can accelerate their marketing with the power of social media marketing and automation.

Instagram is one of the largest and most active social media platforms, and it's constantly getting harder for new members to find brands they identify with.

Instagram is one of the largest and most active social media platforms, and it's constantly getting harder for new members to find brands they identify with. In fact, only 16% of users will become regular customers of the brand that they're following, according to a study conducted by WholeSaleSMM.

This means that at the time of this post, you likely only know what kind of product or service you're passionate about if you look online for it. As such, the best way to come across new products and services is through public exposure and word of mouth. 5. Be Insanely Specific One of the fastest ways to become a product expert is to get ridiculously specific. For example, how about crafting a pair of socks that will let you run three miles in just an hour?

You won't see a lot of sock manufacturers giving away magic, but this kind of outlandish but unique product idea can do wonders for boosting brand awareness. Try using bright colors and images that are fully displayed on the socks, because if you have an idea that can't be seen in normal size, then you may have a unique idea that other people won't be able to wrap their heads around. 

We've worked with thousands of clients and can confidently say that having an active profile is definitely one of the most important factors of social media growth success.

Why work with Optimize Social?

Optimize Social is a design & marketing agency based in Orange County, California. We design and develop websites and do social marketing for mega-brands, small businesses and social media entities just like you.

Here's why you should work with us.

– Social Marketing and SEO Experts We've been SEO and marketing for most of our professional lives. We have worked for companies such as aHABB, yahoo, Samsung, Headspace, Makers and many more. Because of this, we know the value of optimizing social content and how to do it as well as any other social media.

– Clear Consistency of Vision Our vision is to design content that effectively engages people to encourage them to seek out more and do it again and again. We've done that for over two decades in the interactive entertainment industry and have built our career on that expertise. With social media, we hope to bring that same expertise to your business.

– Expertise and Experienced Team We are a boutique agency and have assembled the core team of experienced designers and marketers who have both large brands and startups to their credit. As such, we have the expertise to build and manage your social media presence.

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